TACONIA – Proven Real World Experience

Before hiring a strategist to help with domestic and international marketing, ask these 5 questions:

1) Have you ever been a partner and share holder in an international business with headquarters outside the USA?
2) Have you ever sold your company or been involved in domestic or international   mergers or acquisitions?
3) Have you ever consulted for several fortune 200 companies?
4) Have you ever filed a patent and or been named on one?
5) Can you specifically name 10 major retailers you have personally sold product to or have been the point person representing a client to    them? 

For Taconia, the answers are yes to all 5.    The wisdom gained from real world experience can not be learned from a text book or a YouTube Video.  Taconia was founded by Tim Fisher in 1987 and for the past 32 years has served over a hundred  of domestic and  foreign clients.  For Tim it is always about the customer’s experience.


Tim Fisher is the Founder of Taconia, INC. Tim has served in the consulting field since 1987 focused on manufacturers strategic launching of new products and or programs.  Tim has worked with many Fortune 200 companies as well as founding successful companies. Tim is a former partner and CEO of an international corporation based in Stockholm Sweden so he understands the ties between foreign and domestic opportunities. Tim earned an MBA in International Business writing his thesis on Global Internet Strategies.

Tim has access to many strategic marketing experts around the world to assist in producing your world class marketing strategies. Adding to his experience, Tim is co-host of a radio show   heard on select iHeart stations giving him additional access to top decision makers and political leaders. This access has proven priceless.    

If you are looking for proven strategic marketing plans, strategic alliances and or the sale of your company Taconia Inc. just may be the perfect partner.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim Fisher since 1985. I have found Tim to be an honest, trustworthy business associate. Tim is solution oriented and customer focused. Tim strives to build long-term relationships that stand the test of time and create value for all parties.” Dave Komendat, The Boeing Company®

 “Tim is a creative and passionate individual focused on results. His ability to link seemingly unrelated things to produce a better outcome is a gift.” Michael Allway, Nestle®  Purina®

“Tim is an expert strategist. His ability to see business opportunities and produce plans to capitalize on them is extraordinary, that is why he took over as CEO of our international corporation. He was lead man on creating San Tech as a brand respected worldwide. His is a great friend and business partner” Nils Persson: Founder SCAN TECH® AB, Stockholm, Sweden. 

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